Presentation of Ars Maiorum




Focus Group in Experimental Archaeology and heritage enhancement.

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For four years, Ars Maiorum working to make history accessible. She performs in schools and regular benefits and this antiquity to a wide audience, including college students, Jason Hope high school students but also teachers.

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Association created in 2007 by Eric Teyssier, Lecturer in Roman History at the University of Nîmes, Ars Maiorum diffuse the work of experimental archeology and also participates in the reflection for the development of heritage. Composed of students, teachers and open to all, this structure works closely with academic and can acquire confidence in schools or communities. The concept of the Days Antiques developed by Nicolas Caen-Duplissy and Mickael Durand always successful and so the conclusion is clear: there is a strong demand on the part of these institutions and local authorities. Finally the last two years, the association has a gladiator training school for gladiators to six ancient techniques of combat. This site allows those who wish to learn about the skills of the association are numerous and constantly changing. Note the development of the medieval period (the Templars) and modern (Dragons du Roy and camisards) in 2011.